Working in the garden...
gives me a profound
feeling of inner peace.
Ruth Stout 1884 - 1980
American author, gardener
The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration
of the five senses.
Hanna Rion 1875—1924,
English author

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.
Gardens are a form of autobiography.
Sydney Eddison,
Horticulture magazine,
August/September 1993
In the garden there are no hours--only seasons
Joe Landsberger

Your garden has arrived, matured. Passers-by and even garden tourists praise your work.

But not only has the garden aged, but so also the gardener, the gardener's knees, back, etc. What next? What strategies are there to keep up with the joy of tending the garden?

Challenges for review! (Not that you need reminders)

  1. Infrastructure
    1. Walkways and slopes challenge accessibility
      What used to be quaint hardscaped paths now become unsteady
    2. Infrastructure crumbles:
      Cracks widen, walls tumble, bench seating breaking, etc.
  2. Water management
    1. stormwater runoff, collection, watering, rainwater harvesting, rain gardens
    2. Bioswales
      channels that treat and retain stormwater from one place to another
    3. Permeable pavements
      infiltrate, treat, and/or store rainwater where it falls.
  3. Soil management
    1. Fertilizing
    2. Composting
    3. Mulching
  4. Perennial gardens
    1. The passing of a favorite has left a bare spot
    2. A perennial is over-grown and needs rejuvenation
    3. A perennial has lost its vigor
    4. A hybrid has not only reverted, but also seeds with careless abandon.
    5. A commercial hybrid doesn't perform as
  5. Weather (drought, storms, etc.) has caused havoc
  6. Trees and shrubs
    Pruning for artistic, encroachment and containment of shade
  7. Lawn vs garden--edging and design
  8. annuals vs perennials
  9. low vs high maintenance
  10. Shed, equipment and tools
    1. Storage
    2. Maintenance
    3. plant propagation

Strategies for maintenance

  1. Edging
  2. Mulching
  3. Addign shrubs
  4. container
  5. raised beds
  6. Weathered Objects
  7. Fertilize for health
  8. Group plants by needs, thugs!
  9. Irrigate
  10. Ergonomic Tools
  11. garden carts
  12. relatives/children mentoring
  13. List and assess; rank and rate
  14. experts & mater gardeners & garden clubs
  15. curate!
  16. tool maintenance